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The Artists

Chris Alvarez
  Studio J


Jana Bussanich

Jana L. Bussanich works in fine art photography, watercolor and charcoal figure. She began painting with watercolor in 2008 and studying life drawing and the human figure in 2010. In 2012, her work expanded into fine art photography. These have become an essential part of Jana's self-discovery as an artist, and have taught her what it means to express meaningfully upon paper in any subject or medium.
Jana believes that being an artist is best learned through biography, as well as in community with other artists. She values the Apprentice / Master model of education, and considers herself as both; always the Apprentice, yet also the Master of that which she currently possesses and in learning to work at the edge of her ability.Continually seeking new information about her work and what she needs for ongoing personal growth and development, Jana esteems the colleagues and mentors who speak into her creative process. She is encouraged and inspired by those such as nationally known artist and painter Chris Alvarez of Colorado Springs; colleague Karen Burnett Hamer, Artistic Director and Playwright, for whom Jana produces live theatre in Colorado Springs; and the writings of American painter, Robert Henri through his book, The Art Spirit.
Jana is glad for the opportunity to share her work and take up the conversation with a wider community about the question of life and death, and everything in between.
Jana makes her home in Colorado Springs, CO

Julia McMinn Evans
   Studio U


Julia McMinn Evans was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When she was six years old, her science-teacher father accepted a job in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and she's enjoyed living in the Pikes Peak Region ever since. Always creative and interested in possibilities, she pursued a diverse education that covered graphic arts, commercial art, technical illustration, graphic design, textile arts, marketing, geology, and fine art. A successful career as a graphic designer has evolved into a second career as a full-time painter and freelance graphic designer.

Julia's work is in a contemporary style, with subjects ranging from abstracted non-objective to impressionistic florals, landscapes, and figures. The dominant theme in her subjects is that they are colorful and expressive. Typically joyful, she takes what she feels within, what she finds in her environment, or what the day brings, and uses her brush to explore the possibilities that lie within the canvas. As she says, "My soul sings. My brush reflects the song."

Laurel Justice
  Studio I

Inspired by her home state - the Lowcountry of South Carolina - and the beauty of the Southwest, Laurel Seibels Justice paints abstracts and landscapes using soft pastels. She enjoys painting from life and from photos captured in the field and painted at her private studio. Laurel works from the empirical and extracts that which is most intriguing. Open to those moments in nature that take her breath away, she creates a sense of belonging to a larger story through her work. These abstract and landscape paintings are an open door to a sacred reality. Her art reveals a transcendent experience using colors and shapes that evoke a sense of geographical memory.
Through a series of sketches Laurel identifies and arranges the important lines and shapes essential to the painting until something pleasing starts to emerge. Line, shape, and palette are the scaffolding that allows her unique style to emerge, as she builds each painting with layers of paint from luscious soft pastels that "glide on the paper like butter" says, Justice.
Laurel is passionate about the arts in Colorado Springs and loves connecting artists with audiences. In recent years, she has served on a variety of boards and juries around the Pikes Peak Region. Acting as Public Art Commissioner of the Pikes Peak Region, being a member of the Pikes Peak Arts Council and serving as an advisor to Memorial Hospital on arts and healing reveal Laurel's commitment to supporting and promoting the arts. She holds a BA in Art from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA and an MA in Counseling from Webster University. Currently, she studies with Gwen Fox and Chris Alvarez at the Alvarez Art School in Old Colorado City. Her studio is located in Old Colorado City at the Second Floor Studios, Studio I.

Julie Kirkland
  Studio L
Online gallery

Julie's paintings celebrate the simple beauty of people, places and things in our lives. While she paints a little of everything, light is the true focus of her work. She's attracted to the strong contrasts that light and shadow create. The light (or lack of it) seems essential to her in telling a story with otherwise ordinary subjects. Julie hopes that her paintings speak of hope, affirmation, and promise, and create a sense of well being as they hang in your home. Cosmopolitan©

Joanne Lavender
  Studio O

Joanne is an oil painter in the style of the American Impressionists. She studied graphic art in California and worked in graphic design in San Francisco for a number of years before returning to Colorado. For the next decade she focused on drawing, giving her a strong foundation in that media before plunging into oil painting. She has shown throughout Colorado and her work is in collections nationally and internationally.
Joanne lives in Colorado Springs and works at the Second Floor Studios in Old Colorado City. For more information please contact her at:

Tammy Meeske
  Studio A

Tammy is a Colorado native who absolutely loves to paint. A favorite is to paint people. She spends much of her free time watching her teens practice their rodeo skills, riding and roping on their horses, and then using her watercolor talent to turn their achievements into paintings. She has taken a number of commissions, painting horse and rider, capturing the action and enthusiasm of the subject.
She has currently turned her attention to a collection of motorcycle reflections, masterfully using color, value and shape to develop the character and passion of her subjects.
Tammy is a member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, Colorado Watercolor Society Signature member and has been accepted into a number of National Watercolor Exhibitions. She has studied with some of the best know Colorado watercolorists, Lorraine Danzo, Susan Hinton, Larry Haught and Jo Gaston. In addition, she has taken workshops with Ted Nuttall, emphasizing her portrait skills, and most recently, with John Salminen in a brand new distinctive style, Urban Landscapes.

Gene Sanchez I am an oil painter in the Impressionistic and Expressionistic styles. I enjoy painting all subject matter and especially enjoy landscapes. I paint daily and am available to show my work any time. I also participate in First Friday Artwalk openings (April-December, 5pm-8pm) that are held in our building located at 2418 W. Colorado Ave.
Come and enjoy Artwalk.

Karen Storm
  Studio E

"The moments in time I spent perched on a tall stool in my family's floral shop are deep in my soul. As a young girl, I was mesmerized by my father's fingers as they danced with fragrant flowers to static-filled music on the radio. I passed him roses, carnations, stephanotis and even gladiolus grown in my grandmother's backyard, as he sculpted magnificent arrangements to delight the bride-to-be and sooth the widow’s tears. My art is rooted in my father's greenhouse."

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Karen developed a love of art and nature. Her love of art led her to a degree in art eduction. Her love of nature led her to the mountains and a 27 year career teaching art in Colorado. The pleasure of teaching art to children, and learning so much from their joyful expression, is apparent her work today.

Now following her passion of painting full-time, her work ranges from wildlife and landscapes to figurative paintings. Imagery for her work rises out of her travels and her daily life, often capturing intimate moments in nature. Having traveled to nearly every continent (Australia and Antarctica are still on the list), her most recent travels to South America provide a rich and varied source of inspiration. Painting with effervescent light and dynamic energy, her focus is on capturing the essence of her subject.

A graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison, Karen creates, exhibits and teaches in the Pikes Peak region.

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